Alessandro as a vocal producer and vocal coach has worked for years with top level singers in the studio or training them to build and strengthen their technique.


After years of studying different techniques and researches on the voice phisiology Alessandro created his own vocal method called “True Voice Technique” which is based on finding your own natural voice through the perfect balance of vocal mechanism, sound and effectiveness.


True Voice Technique builds its foundation working on three basic techniques to reach the best application to the art and delivery on the songs.


Vowel modification to accomodate everyone’s phisiology and sound on the high register, vocal attacks to coordinate the subglottal pressure and the resonant spaces and the balance of respiration to work at ease with appoggio and support are the main focus that led Alessandro and TVT to be one of the leading vocal choices for professional and amateur singers in Italy.


Alessandro is also the national tutor for modern vocal technique studies for “Accademie Lizard” (www.lizardaccademie.net) which is the biggest music school chain in Italy with almost 60 vocal teachers and coaches training and working with Alessandro. TVT has been chosen as the main vocal method trained and tought at Lizard Accademies and TVT workout’s and techniques are part of the final exams and diplomas of the training courses.


People like Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Johnny Gioeli (Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell), Deen Castronovo and Arnel Pineda (Journey), Tommy LaVerdi (L.R.S., 21 Guns), David Reece (Bonfire, Accept), Lenna Kuurmaa (Moonland, Vanilla Ninja), Issa Oversveen and italian singers and teachers like Sergio Calafiura (De’Stop), Gabriele Gozzi (Rhyme), IvanHeart, Marco Sivo, Fabio Dessi (Arthemis), Gianbattista Jan Manenti (Love Might Kill), Elena Nieri (Grease, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert) and many more had Alessandro as vocal producer or vocal coach.


Alessandro is invited and hosts almost 20 vocal seminars a year plus teaching vocal technique at his Ivorytears Music Works or periodically at Accademia Della Voce in Milan.

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