Ivorytears Music Works


Logic Pro X

Pro Tools 8



Apple MacPro

3,5 GHz - 6 Core Intel Xeon E5

32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC RAM

Apple iMac 2.7 ghz i7, 24 GB RAM

Apple MacBook Pro 2.5 ghz i5, 8 GB RAM



ALLEN&HEATH GS-R24m motorized analog mixing desk 32channels

(24 mono ch, 6 stereo ch, 2 tube ch), 6 aux



ALLEN&HEATH FW card 32in/32out 96Khz



Focal Twin BE 6

Yamaha Msp-5A

Monkey Banana Turbo 6

Event 2020



Studer E900 Series 2 channels preamp+Eq

Universal Audio LA 610 MKII class A channel strip /tube

Distressor EL8 X stereo coupled

TK BC1-S MKII buss compressor

TLAudo A1 class A 2 channels preamp /tube

Focusrite Twintrak class A stereo channel strip /transistor

Focusrite ISA 428 4 channels preamp /transistor

Avalon U5 class A D.I. preamp /transistor

Radial reamp D.I.



UAD-2 Satellite

Ozone 6

Steven Slate Digital (Trigger and Drums with Platinum, CLA and BlackBird Expansions, VTP, FGX, Virtual Mix Rack complete, VBC)

WAVES (CLA bundle, Api bundle, SSL Bundle, L2, entire Q series, C series, Renaissance, Tony Maserati bundle, Eddie Kramer bundle)

Various Plugin Alliance (Boom, Drumatom)

Ez Drummer (plus various expansions)

Superior Drummer  (plus various expansions)



Korg Legacy

Arturia minimoog

Arturia vintage keyboards





Shure Beta 52

Shure SM57 x4

Shure Beta 57

Shure SM 58 x2

Audio Techina AE2500

Røde NTK class A tube mic

Røde NT1000

Røde Classi II class A tube mic

Røde NT3

Røde NT4 Y stereo mic

Røde NT55 Matched Pair

Røde NT5 x4

Røde M2

Røde M1 x2

Violet Design The Finger

Violet Design The Global Pre with VIN47, VIN87, VIN12 capsules

Violet Design The Wedge Matched Pair

Violet Design The Flamingo Stereo

Violet Design The Amethist vintage

AKG 414 XLII Matched pair

YAMAHA SKRM-100 subkick



Hammond Organ RT3 (like B3/C3) built in 1947 remounted in new wood mobile. Restored in 2009 by Joey Mauro.

Leslie 147 built in 1966 (Vox woofer speaker/JBL horns) restored in 2007 by Joey Mauro

Nord Electro I

Korg Triton

Korg Trinity rack

Yamaha S90

Drums Tama Superstar 1 kick, 1 snare, 4 toms, different Sabian cymbals

Taurus Stomphead 4 guitar head amp

Taurus THD 450-T bass head amp

Taurus bass 4x10 cabinet

Bogner Shiva guitar head

Marshall 4x12 cabinet with Greenback speakers

Gibson SG

Zemaitis LP

Frudua Handmade Bass

Gibson acoustic jumbo guitar

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Code & graphic by Anna Portalupi